www.comschool.com.br Mauricio Salvador, fundador da Ecommerce School e ComSchool explica o perfil do Profissional de Ecommerce. A escola possui tradição e experiência no mundo digital e…

http://www.wpsculptor.com In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through how to create a professional and customizable eCommerce website with WordPress so you can start your own online…

  1. Confiram +Mauricio Salvador falando sobre a profissão de gerentes de
    #ecommerce , uma das mais promissoras para os próximos anos.

  2. +roy siks Hey Roy, I’m not sure what is going on with your first server but
    usually a 404 error would mean your permalinks may need to be adjusted. I
    would delete your pages and recreate them to see if that works but when you
    create a page using the visual editor, right above the visual editor below
    the page title should be a “permalink” make sure when you are trying to
    access your page on the front end, you’re url needs to be that same
    permalink. If it isn’t, you need to recreate your menus with the correct

  3. +Stephanie Lafazanos Hey Stephanie, I think the business plan would come
    with the additional security features necessary if you were to process
    credit cards on your site. If you use paypal for payment processing, the
    transactions would take place through paypal and the business
    plan/additional security features would not be necessary (as far as I know
    and in my opinion). Also, you do get email addresses with your domain name
    with hostgator (i.e. whateveryouwant@yourdomain.com). Hopefully that
    clears things up.

  4. +Nikifor Ten Hey there, to delete the cart and checkout page from your
    menu, setup a custom menu by going to “appearance”, “menus” create a menu
    and assign it to your main navigation like I demo in the video. If you’ve
    already done that, just go to the same place and remove those pages from
    the menu and save. As far as using another language, there are plugins
    available such as: http://wpml.org/ I’ve never used it but it may be an
    option for you. Also, you might check out the woocommerce extensions for
    some possible solutions here:

  5. +uthaya kumaran Krishnan Hey uthaya, I responded to someone with a similar
    question with this:
    When you go to “mystile”, “theme options”, “homepage”, “featured image”
    click on “upload image” and find the file on your computer. Then, click on
    “edit image” scroll down towards the bottom where your image is showing
    fairly largly and click on it, hold, and drag your mouse accross the image
    and select the part you want to crop. Then, with the correct part
    selected, click on the crop icon which should be to the far upper left of
    your image right above it. Then, click on “save right beneath the image
    and scroll down and click on “use featured image” towards the bottom and
    save the change in your settings area.

    Hopefully that well help you resize it.

  6. Hello Josh. I am totally new to wordpress and find you videos excellent.
    Just a quick question. I want to set up and use this ecommerce site you are
    demonstrating to sell one off pieces of vintage furniture. Now the question
    is, if I put one off products on my site, say a one off table and someone
    buys it, how would I go about the site to say sold once someone has
    purchased it as I don’t want my customers to pay for/buy a product that may
    have already been bought/sold?
    Hope all that made sense mate.

    Pete U.K

  7. Hi Josh! I found this video extremely helpful and I made a non-commercial
    replica (for project) following your instructions. Thank you very much for
    such nice, thorough tutorial! I’ve couple of questions and I’ll grateful if
    please educate me —

    1. How do I delete ‘Mystile’ (on top left corner of the page) and write my
    website name? I now know to upload a logo which definitely hide the default
    theme name. But is there any other easier option to do this?

    2. How do I get emails when customer fills the contact form? Do I need to
    set up SMTP for that?

  8. How do I change the site title? it still says mystyle but under site title
    it still says my proper site title I wanted to use.

  9. great video :-)
    I was a complete novice on wordpress and woocommerce, but with your help I
    feel a lot more confident now. I had a few issues following along (but
    nothing major) due to the fact that wordpress had been updated since you
    made the video, and some of the areas had change compared to the one you
    used. But I got there eventually. Keep up the good work and I’ll look
    forward to you continued videos :-)

  10. Hi Josh My Website is looking great. Thanks to your very helpful tutorial
    you Shared with us all.
    Question: 1. Our Product images in the gallery take very long to open
    unlike how yours did in the tutorial. Is there a format which will help the
    loading time for the images to load? Thanks again!
    2. On the Blog page Can’t get the Large Featured Image to show it only
    appears a small size square just a bit smaller than our product images even
    tho Im selecting the 1280×720 image, any help here?
    3. By the way did you know that Google Chrome and FireFox shows this theme
    a lil different? In FireFox one of the Widgets does not even show on the
    published pages (Woo-Adspace Widget) Also in Chrome the lil arrows (up and
    down ^ v) to increase number of products does show, but they do in FireFox.
    Just thought you would like to know.
    Thanks again for an awesome complete tutorial.

  11. Hi again you are super helpful. The plugin you recommended they where good
    but now the Woo theme it have an update but basically is asking me to
    create a Child theme if not I loose everything and even though I read how,
    I still have no Idea how to create it. And because of this the distance
    rate is not working and updating. What should I do.

  12. hi josh thanks for the tutorial have just completed my first ever web store
    and it seems to be working fine just 2 quick question how do i change the
    colour of the of the page titles about, cart, shop ect there black id like
    them in blue? if it involves changing using ccs editor dont even try to
    explain as i get completly lost.also can i change the colour of the whole
    page background 

  13. Yvette LaRochelle

    I just want to thank you very much for the video you made. It has helped me
    to create a website that will hopefully send some business my way. It is
    people like you who volunteer information and go through the trouble of
    helping others who have no experience, create something for themselves. I
    know that I can not afford to have someone create a e commerce website for
    me. Thank you again.
    Oh yes, I do have one question. I have downloaded through media on my
    website a audio clip my brother made. I did not go through youtube. Will
    this show up on my site? It did so up and played when I went to view the
    site. Thanks again :) <3

  14. hay bud, i like your video but i am getting stuck when i install
    woocommerce it does not give me the option to install woocommerce pages!!!!
    this is super frustrating for me!!!!!! please help 

  15. Josh thank you very much for such interesting video, with the help of this
    i started my new business. and its gng goof.
    Thank you very much.

  16. Руслан Рудюк

    Hello Josh,
    thank you for a great tutorial, it really helped a lot. At first, sorry for
    my terrible English, hope you’ll get through all mistakes I’ll make in this

    So, after I completed the part shown in tutorial I decided to optimize it
    for the search and found that almost every page contain couple or more h1
    tags. So I’ve started to change it, but my coding experience is not enough
    and I can’t find some parts of code.

    Actually, I have troubles with finding where can be changed tag h1 which
    contains text “Featured Products” on the main page. The same problem on the
    pages of product categories(for example, if you click category “frut” in
    the footer or elsewhere you’ll get to the page I talk about). Tag h1
    contains the name of category and I don’t know how to change it. It would
    be unbelievable if you could help me.

    Thanks a lot!

  17. Hi there, first i want to thank you for this amazing tutorial. this is how
    other tutorials should look like.
    i followed this tutorial step by step, but i think the recent version of
    mystile theme is different than the one you are using. now when i create a
    new page, i cant write text, the text field is inactive. even the toolbars
    are not there. but i can upload media. can you please help? 

  18. Hi Josh, great video.
    I’m thinking of using the combination of the Mystile theme and WooCommerce.
    I would like to modify it further to satisfy my business requirements by
    adding the following – can you tell me if these will be compatible or
    suggest workable alternatives:
    1) Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce (
    2) Print Invoices & Packing Lists (
    Also I need connection to facebook and maybe twitter – what do you suggest?
    Thanking you very much,
    (I have subscribed to your channel – excellent).

  19. First thank you so much for this video.
    My products have different shipping prices .how do I set the shipping
    up.Thank you again. 

  20. I have watched this video over and over again. Personally is the best
    E-commerce tutorial out there. You are a good teacher with a great heart.
    Not everybody will have patience to explain very clear the way you did. I
    feel so proud i created my e-commerce store myself, i feel so satisfied.
    Thanks to you. What a savior. You just saved me some euros sir.
    Thank you so much for your patience and clear explanation. 

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